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The Semáforo project is an initiative of ACEGE (Christian Association of Entrepreneurs and Managers) that aims to assess the psycho-financial state of employees of the associated companies, in order to activate mechanisms that support the most needy cases, using specialists to help minimize these situations.

The brand starts from a more geometric black base (representing the current life of people) which is then completed with colors in a handwritten style, conveying an action, an attitude, and the initiative of those who transform, who create positive solutions for everyone's life.

By "jumping" between these two styles, we have a brand that gains its dynamic and presents itself with a light and "friendly" attitude, image, and style towards all those with whom the brand interacts daily.

  • ouro · Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade · 2022
  • bronze · Prémios Marketeer · 2021

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