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Trident NOS Alive

Nos Alive is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. And where there is music, Trident makes sure there is movement. Because in the world, there is only one connection more natural than music and dance: Trident and a burst of flavor.

Thus, Trident created a truly unique stand that was one of the biggest successes of the festival. Always with an endless line of participants, it featured a screen showing the choreography that they had to follow on motion-sensitive pads. And because we didn't want the dance to be limited to our stand, promoters scattered around the venue offered packs to those who showed a bit of their dancing skills.

But for there to be dancing, there need to be people. No problem, because Trident had a dedicated bus that transported festival-goers from Cais do Sodré to the festival, filled with lots of entertainment, personalized make-ups, and of course... lots of music.

you see?

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